Grow sales excessively, with less risk

Outsource your sales functions to our team of professionals, and we close the sale for you. Our work does not stop at closing—we create long-term partnerships that add value through a blend of effective strategies, smooth execution and daily support.

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What We Bring On The Table.

Lower your risk and increase the ROI on your sales budget
Gain access to a team of experienced and active salesforce
Eliminate the cost of training and staff turnover
Free up your resources to focus on what you do best
Enter the market quickly through our existing business network
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Customer Acquisition

Our hearts lie in bringing people together to benefit collectively. What we do is we create a process that revolves around a systematic and continuous acquisition strategy which can stand and evolve along with new trends and changes.We pen out the customer journey with a funnel to highlight the stages in the progress of prospecting and buying. As customers flow through the pipeline, we’re able to promote your brand to them, add on related products or services to excite them, and convert them to become a patron of your business.As part of our services, we’re able to calculate and break down your customer acquisition cost. With the right numbers, we can formulate a winning campaign to maximise your profit.

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Leverage Further With the Power of Marketing

Taking creativity up a notch with our data driven marketing execution.

Product Validation
Growth Sprints
Marketing Automation
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Face-to-Face Method

We believe in the personalised touch, and by being confident and relatable to the buyers, we’re able to connect the dots and make a connection. Let us represent your brand with a happy face that your customers can relate to.

Sales Canvasing

Quantity along with quality, for us this isn’t only about the numbers game. We don't just spam calls and knock on doors hoping to bag a few sales. We do our best to understand our target market at the same time, and we classify them so that even if no deals were made yet, we could still turn the leads into sales someday.

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Field Marketing

Targeting the right audience is key to our approach in campaigning on the street. We’ll focus on a particular area and customer group so we can direct them to you with a killer pitch along with awesome deals.

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Street survey

New school or old school, we do it all. Going on the street is a classic way of conducting marketing research, it’s old but gold. There is personal contact between the interviewer and participants, and it’s also easy for us to identify and select the targeted audience to match the quota. We can deliver the desired result and present the data in a way that you prefer.

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Training & Compliance

Sales and mindset training are the building blocks of selling — we take our training to a whole new level. Learning is essential in life, and sales is our lifeline, over here at Axcel Partners we hold on to it and give it everything we got. We drive and motivate all our sales professionals so that they can reach for the sky, and to top it off, we created a shared learning environment whereby anyone can learn from everyone. The value in the collective experience is what evolves our sales practice and makes us the best. Compliance training likewise, is necessary for us. Our company, as a whole, goes through compliance programmes to prevent poor conduct and enforce proper governance throughout the organisation. As business partners of your company, we take no risk to compromise, and we want to uphold a good reputation when we represent your brand. Let us know about your compliance policies, and we’ll abide by them when we work together so that we can be in a better place for a long-term partnership.

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